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This carriage which is carved and constructed of green Jade was owned by Mao Zedong the founder of the People's Republic of China, who used to contemplate inside this grand structure. However, this carriage was originally made for Henry Pu Yi the last emperor of China and the twelfth and final ruler of the Qing Dynasty. Pu Yi never got a chance to use this carriage before he was deposed from the forbidden city. A few carved Chinese characters serve as decoration. The words “Wangsheng longche” (Chariot of Ten Thousand Sages) are inscribed above the ceiling of the chariot. Chinese characters for luck are on either side of the window along with “fushou” (fortune and longevity) on either side of the front of the chariot.                                                                                             

C. 1910 110H 142W 43D wt. 4000 7,000,000.00

Jade Carriage

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